Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Month Of The Moustache.

As some of you may have already noticed WE ARE GROWING MOUSTACHES. That's right, Mercury employees have banded together to strengthen the appearance of our upper lip. For what great cause do we fuzz up our faces I hear you ask?
Well there's this little thing called MOVEMBER which is happening right now. What it is is, you see, you grow a moustache and raise money/awareness for prostate cancer.
So come and support us as we agree to looking silly for the next twenty odd days. Or just come in and see for yourself all the peach fuzzy goodness that's sprouting atop these mouths of ours.

And buy some damn coffee while you're at it! Just be wary of the 'stache when you go to sip that cappuccino.

1 comment:

lexo said...

that's not a mustache, that's a cappuccino stain!