Sunday, November 02, 2008

We've started bringing in coffee from a great roaster called Novo Coffee. We just brought in some Single Origin Espresso: Ethiopia Sidamo, Gololcha. I've never really tasted an espresso like it before. It's a very earthy, almost herbal, and little or no sweetness. But it does have great balance is quite full bodied.

Coming Soon from Novo to a Mercury closest to you:
Elita Capitan - Piedras Candela, Panama
The tasting notes say "deep, buttery, raisin"
I guess we'll soon see. More details to come.
For now, come on in for a taste of the Sidamo.

If the Sidamo's not what you fancy, the there's always the old faithful Espresso from Origins. These guys are roasting some great coffees right now. I think most of us have enjoyed the Ethiopian Coffees that we've been getting. There have been loads of really fruity flavours... especially blueberries. Right now at Queen Street we have the Papua New Guinea, Waka Jawaka. It'll be coming up as a Feature Latte there as well. Good 'ol Origins. Up on Main Street. We've got a great Colombian coffee. Colombia La Valencia Mercedes Supremo.

And this Black Cat has been knocking my socks off consistently for weeks now. As a shot or a cappuccino, these guys have got this blend nailed down! A really tart black cherry attack on the first sip and after that , it's all chocolate. Awesome!

And as always , we've got a couple of great blends from Dark City Coffee Roasters. We've got our Mad Hatter Blend. Great balance of nuttiness and sweetness. Great to consume in any method. Pull it as a shot or try it as a french press. It's all good. The Decaf Espresso is a good one if you can't handle the jitters of the Gololcha. It's one of the only decafs I've had that actually posses any coffee taste.

You too, can serve these great coffees as well as a few others to your loved ones at home. All you have to do is get down to the Mercury of your choice.
Choice One: 915 Queen Street East, between Logan Ave. and Carlaw Ave.
Choice Two:126 Main Street, at Main and Gerrard. What's the major intersection you ask? well... Main and Gerrard. Take the 506 Carlton streetcar East from College or Carlton or Gerrard or wherever you are, and take it until Main Street. Walk south on the west side for about ninety-two seconds and your there. Both'll have whole beans for sale from all roasters. Prices range from Eight Dollars and up for Two Hundred Twenty Seven Grams. And all beans are as ethically grown and purchased as you can get. Most of the farms are dealt with directly. This means the Roasters are meeting the Farmers. What a great idea.
See ya.

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