Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hi. i'm hailey and i work at mercury. oh, and i'm awesome. well, i don't know, perhaps i am. you can come in and see for yourself.

hi. ok, so, this is my first blog becauseee, i'm new. it's my third day and i can kinda make a heart now. well, more of a deflating floating heart- like the one on kanye's heartbreak and 808's cd? yeah, like that. soo, come on by, visit me. i'm really nice. really. so, if you've ever walked by and asked yourself, "hey. that place looks cool. and the girl in there also looks cool", why not come in and say hey. in fact, don't just say hey, wave, or, do a lil dance- it'll brighten my dayy. just like i'll brighten yours with a deflated heart latte =) oh. and even if you don't decide to come in today, do a lil dance in front of the window anyway, i'll wave back.

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