Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of the following statements is not true:

I saw a Colonel Sanders look-alike walking down the street today pushing a baby in a stroller.

Steven Seagal came in today and ordered a iced-soy latte. Pansy.

The SWAT team is swarming Jilly's right now. Curiously, we see many Dark Horse customers come through here.

We will soon have raspberry sparkling lemonade. We will also host more high-school students.

Ice-cream and beer was a bad idea last night.

What is the Leslieville Cheese Shop doing on Queen West? (Okay, it's not much of a statement but come on!)

Robin's hair gets really hot in the sun.

"Dogs are forever in the push-up position." -Mitch Hedberg

The other night someone puked up a screamo band all over my living room.

Luigi is totally the gay brother.

Matt Davey is now a record producer.

It smells like summer.

Being cute doesn't work all the time.

Doug Hayter is now the cheese master.

1 comment:

Rella said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed the Leslieville cheese shop in the west end, near that disgusting Java House establishment.