Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hey there coffee connoisseurs!
This is Mumbles Mcgee and Boom Boom Box coming to you live from Mercury Sunday, where the best soul hits blare and the highest quality coffee flows!
Yesterday I didn't get a chance to get a word in about the Ikirezi Burundi Ngozi. Sadly for you guys, it's all gone! I bought the last bag. Sorry. But it was my favourite coffee on press in weeks! The earthy apple notes coupled with AJ's pretty face put a smile on my face all day! Hopefully we'll see that one again.

Today we're cupping some of the Kenya French Mission Varietal from Dark City. We're definite fans. There is a nice light, nutty earthiness with what I find to be a grapefruity citrusy spin in the aroma and aftertaste. Come try some or buy a bag for the folks at home!

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