Wednesday, February 03, 2010

yesterday was garbage day. walking home from my morning jaunt around the block and such (physical activity, fresh air, natural anti-depressant and the like) i noticed that someone one my street had put out a palm tree with their trash.

actually, it may have been two palm trees in one pot for some reason.

anyways, this sort of thing is typical of my street. just last week i ate popcorn and sat in the window watching a high speed cop chase involving dogs and police officers (at least 20 of them, though sometimes it is hard to say, because they all look the same in uniform and especially from my window, and moreover when i am more focused on which piece of popcorn is going to come next, and further more, they all had their hands covering their faces because they were doing official things like communicating via their high-tech walkie-talkies). the chase ended well for the officers, in case you were wondering, because among their numerous ranks and with the help of their trusty steeds (dogs) they managed to find the one scrawny little fellow they were looking for.


so the palm tree (or two). anyways the garbage truck that came to pick up the tree had three scruffy men driving, who waved politely at me as i concluded my jaunt, and actually, the truck was blasting cindy lauper's girls just wanna have fun.

she looks great, eh??

this led me to believe i had not yet had enough coffee, so i went to mercury (naturally) where i delighted in a cortado with our current featured single origin espresso (costa rica tarrazu!!!)

right so it did work, though, having a coffee. great idea. do it, seriously. see you soon!


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Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................