Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Most of you know all about the upcoming renovations, right? On the 22nd we will be closed for a shop overhaul and we'll be returning on the 28th? Ring a bell? How about the fact that we're going to have a new espresso blend, geared specifically to our strict specifications? How about that one, huh tough guy? We haven't even filled you in on our biggest paradigm shift, because some might say that it's too huge. But here's the thing, I'm willing to let the cat out of the bag to you; the anonymous peope of the interweb.
You ready?
Once you hear it there is no going back.

Take the red pill!


I know, right, this is a huge shock!
It's tough to get used to, but I took about 15 minutes to familiarize myself with it and now I am a master.
Let me now regail you with the best Linux joke the interneat has to offer:

um... what?


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mike said...

That is great! I am very much excited in your re-opening so that I would be able to try your new espresso blend I have been a long time fan of your coffee and Im sure this new release would be a hit.