Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hello my little dears, it's Eve here.
You probably see me lounging about Mercury more so than actually behind the counter, but that's why they love me here, really.

The weather is a litlle grim today, but I suppose it's a acceptable price for all the flawless days we had all month! I keep hearing about this great cafe in Stockholm that actually takes crummy weather quite seriously. The interior is entirely lit with specific daylight lamps and all the furniture is white. I'm quite sure you get a white robe aswell. It's purpose is to add a little "Summer cheer" for the duration of the long and dark nordic Winter months [which is actually the only time it's open] due to the large statistic of citizens who suffer from the seasonal depression. The owner got the idea from his own therapy! What a thoughtful guy.

Well anyway, maybe we don't have wonderful sun-happy interiors but Alice, Matt and myself here are always glowing that way. So come by. Go, go go!


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