Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hey Honeycat, It's cat fight thursday! So if you missed out on Fake Blood Friday, this is your last chance to see fake blood on Eve and myself. I guess this is what happens when the two girls on staff work together.
In other news...
We will be closing early Monday May 7- Friday MAy 11. We are doing some renovation work here in the shop, and will be closing at noon. So for those weekdays we will be open from 7am- 12pm. So come out and hang out, just come and hang early.

Right now the feature latte is the Yemen Mocha Matari (Yeah Man!).
I dig this one a lot, and if you miss it as the feature, you might want to grab some in bean form. It's my favourite to drink at home.

That's how i roll
-Ali cat

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