Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hi! I'm Sasha, I'm new here. Currently I can push buttons and take your order, soon I'll be able to push other buttons and make your espresso. I'm being trained (disciplined) under the watchful (unforgiving) guidance (yelling) of the other baristas.

It's a beautiful Saturday - the skies are blue, it's warm, the coffee is fragrant, and it seems like we're done with torrential rain for now. I'm sure you want to go for a swim or a bikeride or plan a picnic or a softball game, and you should! Go do that. Leave your homes, get off the internet. After you've picnicked, come by for a coffee. Renovations are going smoothly but not all of the lighting is installed, so we're open until Alex can't see the machines (7/7:30ish).

We would love to have you!


1 comment:

dubstylenine said...

7 or 7:30ish? how about 9, just like you're scheduled for?