Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey Kids. This is a photograph of Damien and I back in the day. Man was he a fox or what?!?

Here is some more great COFFEE NEWS from Mercury...
We will soon be featuring the Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha Jaramillo Especial as a press. This will be taking place on the 18th of October. We will be doing this pressing by order only, so email/ call/ or come in and sign up. The pressing will be $25.00 a pot (I know it's a bit on the steep side, But SOOOO worth it!). Here is what Intelligenstia is saying about the Esmeralda:

Words fail to properly capture this coffee. From the very beginning it mesmerizes your senses with its intense aromatics of jasmine and coffee blossom. The ethereal nature of this coffee will befuddle and captivate you – making each sip an urge for another. As you taste it, notes of lime, honeysuckle and tangerine undulate atop a crisp, citrus acidity. The potent sweetness transforms into a finish of white grape and jasmine flower. La Esmeralda is a truly unforgettable coffee experience.

So if you are into unforgettable experiences then you will have to try this one out. I would say it has to be like spending the night with Damien Dancing.

Some more coffee buzz. Our next feature for pressing will be the Las Temopilas, Nicaragua Cup of Excellence: Fourth Place.

From one of the same producers as our Organic Los Delirios, this 4th place Nicaragua Cup of Excellence winning lot is impeccable. The coffee introduces itself to you with an abundant sweetness that indicates just how careful Sr. Canales was in ensuring the selection of fully ripe coffee cherries during harvest. Notes of fresh raspberries and lime blossom on the back of a crisp acidity as it finishes into a clean milk chocolate denouement.

NEW STORE HOURS!!! We will now be open at 6:30am all weekdays. So from Monday- Friday come in extra early for your cup of joe. If you feel so inclined you could drop in and start your conversation off with "Boy it sure is early!"

I'm sure the staff will love you for it.

That's all the news that's fit to print. So have yourself a wonderful evening, and pop in if you feel like it. We love the pop in.

- Damien "looks great eating a apple" Zielinski and Alice "don't mind if you hack a dart, dude" Berg

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Calabash said...

I was visiting friends in Toronto last month and my hostess bought Quicksilver beans for my morning fix. I loved this coffee so much that I hauled back a burr grinder and so many bags of Quicksilver that I risked alerting the drug sniffing dogs at the airport.

Now all the beans are gone.

There is a coffee shop here in Bermuda that roasts its own beans - can you tell me what to get that approximates that rich chocolately heaven of Quicksilver so I can survive until I go ack to TO next year???