Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's cold out there HoneyCAt! Come on in and warm up with us.
Neil is giving out Free Hugs Today. Just as and you shall receive.
We have been listening to a lot of Tom Waits today. I feel this trend extending as long as possible. =I'm sure Alex can't only last so long without death metal.
Like a fish out of water, at some point you give in or he dies.

On Press!!! $5.00 + tax
Costa Rica Flecha Roja- There is nothing shy about Flecha Roja. This coffee is bursting with red fruit sweetness, citrus acidity, and an underbelly of caramel. Its finish is astoundingly crisp and clean… enough to make your lips smack!

Los Delirios, Organic Nicaragua- Delightfully creamy! Caramel and wild honey provide sweetness while dark chocolate, baking spice and a tinge of fresh cranberries compliment the finish. Well-balanced with a buttery mouthfeel.

Kenya- Kianderi Auction Lot- This is one of those coffees that can leave one speechless with wonder. It all begins with the aroma: intense and enticing. A gorgeous combination of floral and citrus scents provide a preview of what will be found in the cup. As the coffee cools, a classic black currant flavor emerges and resonates all the way through the finish. The sweetness is abundant and omnipresent, greeting one at first sip and trailing off serenely several seconds after swallowing. It all ends with a shadow of sweet currant lingering a few moments before disappearing cleanly and leaving a silly grin of pleasure.

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