Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If you missed the Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha Jaramillo Especial last week you have one more chance to order it from us before you have to wait a whole year. This coffee has been top shelf for 3 years going on and we're bringing it Leslieville one more time. Just check out it's curriculum vitae:

#1 2004 Rainforest Alliance Cupping
#1 2004 SCAP Cupping #1 2005 SCAA & SCAP Cupping
#1 2006 SCAA & SCAP Cupping
#1 2006 Rainforest Alliance Cupping
#1 2007 SCAA & SCAP Cupping
Imagine That!

We'll be selling presses for a mere $25. What what? How dare you call that a "mere" $25? Well if you want me to break it down to you here it goes:

Last year this coffee was going for $50 a pound - green beans. On top of that you lose about 20 % of the gross weight after you roast it. But THIS year it's going for a record $130 a pound. Each press requires about 25 grams of coffee so $25 a press is about the gross price. WE ARE NOT MAKING A PROFIT! Yeah ok, I guess that's pretty cool of you guys. Damn skippy.

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