Thursday, May 01, 2008

Doug is back! No longer in China, Doug likes to hang out, have a coffee, and run the place. If you like the sound of that you can call 555-5555.
So here we are...
Alex and I ripping it up in an espresso bar near you. Good vibes.
In other news...
I, Alice Berg, am on my way to becoming a grease monkey. Sporting orange coveralls, I was knee deep in Varsol. Don't worry... I was also elbow deep in rubber gloves. With Keef as my mentor, I'm set. Updates will be posted.
Check this out- We will be pouring the Intelligentsia Decaf Black Cat. That's right decaf drinkers, we're pulling out all the stops for you. Life drinking decaf is hard, lets help ya out. So let us know what you think. like the difference? hate it? Didn't know we were even giving you decaf?
over and out
The Berg

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