Monday, May 12, 2008

New Matt: Everyday I work with Alice she hassles me to create a blog post. I don't know about you, but for me, unless I'm in the mood, I find it incredibly difficult to write something out of nothing. The other day I suggested that we get a customer to write a blog in order to show "a customer's mercury experience" (she totally bought it). However, Today I'm sort of getting out of it because AMBER has never even written a blog! That puts me three or four up on her! So without further ado...

Amber: Hi! well, i gotta say, i'm a little nervous, some stage fright even... i mean, the precedent on this blog is pretty astoundingly awesome and consistently kickass... its a lot to live up to, really.
so, i may not be one for words so much, at least not on a monday morning... but i'm told i make good coffee. and today, i have something special for y'all.. if you hurry down to the Merc in the next hour or so, i'll pull you an amazing shot of Andrew Barnett's Ecco Reserve Espresso, which i think is pretty much exactly like the comfort food (think mom's spagetti and meatballs) of coffee.
i'll smile at you too!

and i promise to blog more often.

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