Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who brings the coffee coffee? I bring the coffee coffee!!!!! Thats right, i'm back to blogging, and i'm not the doe-eyed, shy newbie I was last time around, thats right, i know you've seen me, steaming and pouring my way into your heart. Well its six steps later and it is sunny to the max so what better reason to pedal over for a tasty iced treat???? Myself, I'm rockin the iced soy latte of mad deliciousness. Oh yes, its mad delicious.

I wish you the sunniest of sunny times in from the bottom of my ......So before you start your long weekend early by bringing in the 2-4 for your 24, waltz on over and say hi to all.......i miss you.

Yours in super perky caffeinated solidarity,


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