Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Mercurialites,
BEN IS LEAVING...Aussie Ben, to be more specifical. His motherland harkens his return. I know you will all miss him so come and visit him before he leaves. I believe he will depart for his mystical pilgramage upon his noble, magenta, wing'ed stead next Wednesday, but if I am incorrect about the date I will holler back in your general vicinity.
So gather all ye Mercurisians, from and wide and bid this fine gent his proper adieu! Main street may be close to the bitter border of harsh Scarberia, but try to brave the arctic climate. In the southern region of Queen St. it may be warm, sunny, tropical and picturesque, but cart yer butts in and say bye, if you can. Oh yeas and order thoust a macchiato.


Lindsey said...

Does this mean that you're hiring?

Matt (crema) said...

I'm pretty sure that is a picture of Goldmoon in Dragons of an Autumn Twilight from the Dragonlance books.
Anyway... Fair the well Ben!