Friday, January 02, 2009

up at merc on main where as usual it is pretty slow, We sisters, jamy and tina, are discussing new years resolutions. besides the typical 'stay away from trans fats' and 'be nice to your neighbour' we want to know what all of you are going to do for your resolutions. So we have created a new years resolution box where you can write down your resolution and let us know- anonymously, what you plan to do... or stop doing in the new year. Its just for fun, and we are going to make some sort of art/ maybe blog about the answers you give us!!!
so come in drink some caffeine and share your plans for two thousand and nine


Anonymous said...

alex trans fats.

dubstylenine said...

yeah... stay away from them, they're nuthin' but trouble.

Mercury Espresso Bar said...

delicious trouble