Sunday, January 11, 2009

Now I know that hardly any of us could contain ourselves when we heard of those dearn resolutions that the afore mentioned "sisters" deemed to create an art/blog piece with.
We shall see what the beach populace aims to do or not to do. Brace yourselves folks, this should be the ride of your lives.

WARNING:If you are sipping a hot beverage please put it down and swallow whatever coffee remnants thar be in your mouthhole. You may be so enthralled by the anonymous secrets confessed that your lap be scalded or you spray the liquid in you mouth upon the monitor. Don't say I didn't warn you. Read with caution.


-To set healthy boundaries in my life and gain internal strength!(insert happy face here)
-Have more manicures(pedicures too!)
-Use more exclamation points!!!!!!!
-Quit smoking
Eat healthier
-Finish implementing getting things done x get organized
-Tell the Aussie he's gorgeous! and sweet and oh-so-pretty
-Dear Mercury,
I resolve to dump 50lbs by getting up to Main Sq.'s treadmill everyday for four months -done it before- can do it again.
-To have realistic resolutions
-Quit smoking
Do volenteers hours
Be more optomistic
-Too dissregard correkt speelling and gramar altogetter
-TO WITNESS MY EMOTIONS - So I can respond and not react(smiley face, heart, peace sign)
-To waste lots of paper writing resolutions
-I resolve...First and foremost to have go with the flow in FAITH and
to organize my
3.Goals for 2009
And have more FAITH.
-Stop taking things(and people) for granted
-Become "in"dependant!
-To shift down from Type A to Type A-
And that is the heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, mesmerizing peak into the minds of the masses.

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