Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hello everyone. Alex here again. Yet again. I realize the mornings are crazy but I think the people deserve to hear from someone else other than me. I mean there's only so much non-sensical (is that a word?) verbal garbage people can take from yours truly. But then again, having a monopoly on the Mercury Blog isn't such a bad thing. I mean I could do stories that span over a week or so. Wouldn't that be nice? We could have "A Week in the Life of..." well, in this case me! Are you still there? Hmm...maybe I should rethink that.

I just met one Mercury Blog reader and she told me thought my blogs were cute. Hehe, I'm obviously flattered but this is just more encouragement for more of my crazy antics. Look out!

Stop by and snack on Vicki's cranberry, granola muffins while laughing at me singing behind the counter. And if you're lucky enough I might even do a little dance. Don't tell Matthew I'm having way too much fun at work.

1 comment:

Bones said...

The blog entries are cute indeed.

The chai is tasty too.