Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hi there everyone!! My name is Ashley, and this is my very first day working for Mercury Espresso Bar. I'm very glad to be here, and I'm having alot of fun. :) I was given the lovely privelage of writing the blog today, so here I go.

I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm a student at Sheridan College in Oakville, studying Illustration. And although I plan on working as an Illustrator after four loooong years at School, I actualy plan on opening my own Cafe here in Toronto. As Matthew would say, we need more great Espresso Bars in this city! I live here in Toronto with my husband, three cats, lizard and turtle. What else can I say... I'm pretty goofy and fun loving, and a little wierd. But you'll all grow to love me I'm sure. LOL! Look for the tattooed lady, that's me!

Anyhoo, I know I'm going to really enjoy working here. This place is great, the costumers are so nice, and so far I really like the people I work with. :)

So come see me and everyone here at Mercury Espresso Bar, sit down, have a latte, and try Vickies DELICIOUS Pumpkin and Millet Muffins, or the MYSTERY muffin, Vegan Banana loaf, chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate brownie! OR... why not try our NEW organic apple juice. Hope to see you all soon, and take care.

ovcr and out..!

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