Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a crazy Sunday we've had here at Mercury today! WOW!! We did have some tastey raspberry crumble muffins along with some amazing pineapple coconut muffins but...... you guessed it... GONE! Alice went to the Saturday show of the Virgin Music Festival. She said she thought the story of the 3 boats of gear sinking was a joke. Sam Roberts was in today and confirmed the rumour that's not really a rumour. It really happened Crazy eh.
We're rocking out to some Smashing Pumpkins right now and all is well. It has calmed down quite a bit so you should all come and make the rest of them work for their pay cheque.

See you soon.

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Candy Minx said...

Hi alice and Mike, hi Matthew!!!

Um, I am back in Chicago now, and didn't get a chance for a "goodbye cup o joe" and I miss your coffee and great attitudes. You and your coffee and vibe was a cool interlude for me this summer. Hope all is well, and I posted a photo that I thought you would like at my blog.

Hey, are you gonna link me or what? Pretty please?