Thursday, September 07, 2006

sorry to say that we are out of scones...that is the sad truth... but do not fear, we will have more tommorow.
we still have all of our other goodies left so come out down and take your pick.

SOoo.....Alice was going to finish that update off but she's already left and I'm here finishing it for her.

What else do we have to report? Well, it seems like we have a neighbourhood scam artist (and I use that term artist VERY loosely). His description is as follows: White male, last seen wearing dark jeans, with a green sweatshirt tied around his waist, standing at 5'10" to 6' tall and has dark, curly mid-length hair and scruffy looking. Is it just me or is the scuffy part always added just for effect on account that this person doing something really shady? Anyway, he's hit all the surrounding businesses including Cafe Vert, The Gods of Flesh (tattoo shop), Velvet, Cajun Corner,Paint Depot and now K&S among others. The nerve of this guy! He's basically taking advantage of our good natured relationship we have with all our neigbouring business owners. Leslieville Unite! We won't stand for this!


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