Monday, June 23, 2008

Costa Rica, now closer than a flight over seas. If you missed our delectable press this morning don't you fret! Give us a few minutes and this stellar coffee will be awaiting your lips at the rim of your cup, with it's indulging flavors practically jumping out of your mug straight down your throat.
Not impressed? Well then, I think we have just the thing for you. As of today Mercury on Main has a splendid twist to our lattes. Featured Latte?! Now please, please tell me what this magnificent drink you speak of is?!
Well here it is folks, one of the most flavorful beverages your taste buds can anticipate. Presenting to you the infamous Bali! This tempting drink will bring you into a euphoric bliss conquering your mind so you believe you're swimming in a sea of nutty goodness.

Well, Kadence, that was a mouthful. I'll keep it brief on my end and say that I concur with all that the K-Fabe has said.


Come on in out of the rain and enjoy some warm warm beverages.

See ya round!

Over & out,

Kadence & Neil.

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