Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See, that's just not cool. Much like PDA (public displays of affection), stomach cleavage, and swastika tattoos, there are many things you shouldn't do in public. Getting caught on camera with your manager's filthy sausages in your nose ranks high amongst the aforementioned faux pas. I know you think you're trying to be edgy but facial orifice exploration is just plain annoying. If you really wanted to shock us, try out a new self-satisfying technique while doing your best Amy Winehouse impression and document that for us.

Speaking of satisfying, we're serving French Press coffee up here at Main and Gerrard from 7-10am. This week is an exceptionally well roasted Kenya 'AA' from the Karundu Estate. It's subtle floral notes, with a clean finish, is so addicting that Amy herself would ween herself off that good stuff just to get seconds of this fine cup of joe. Well, maybe not but it is THAT good. Test me. I dare you.

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Anonymous said...

just how many photographs of me do you stockpiled on your hard-drive anyway? and if "facial exploration" is so annoying, why on earth did you feel compelled to capture it on camera? HUH!? DON'T WORRY ALEX TRAN, JUST TESTING YOU!