Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey bros, does, foes, 'n' joes, y'all can't say we don't slang the good stuff. I got a lil extra for you today-- we're pumpin' out sweet juices from Origins, to the order of their gorgeous espresso blend. Flowery bouquet, drizzles of chocolate and red fruit, with a mocha finish that'll sing from your belly all day long. We're talking pure Handel, all triumpant ringing of angels in the heavens, none of that Wagnerian Götterdamerung in the pit of your gesamtkunstwerk.

Ch-check it out: Word to our homies in Chicago and LA, Intelli. I was laying my eyes over BoingBoing Dot Net today and I'd be frontin' if I didn't tell you Intelli makes a couple guest spots, showing my brothers at home how to brew honey nectar. Check yourself before you wreck yourself below.

If the videos don't show up on this page, check them out here and here.

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