Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doo doo do doo doo do do do doo.....


What a fine coffee you've produced
Thanks Intelli for introduce-
Ing me to the beans of


Doo doo do doo doo do do do doo...

Fazenda Do Sertao.
Fresh from Brazil.
Like a big stick of butter. Melted into a perfect cup of coffee. The temptational aroma will send tingling vibrations throughout your tongue, leaving you satisfied and craving another sip, if not another mug.
Brewed up in your very own french press, availible today at Mercury on Main.

Come on down! Or Up! Or over....Wherever you come from it's worth the trek to 126 Main Street. Kadence would be pleased to meet you. As would I.

Your humble and loyal barista's here at Mercury :]

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