Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yo, my name's Jamy and I was recently hired here at Merc.
Im pretty sure I'm the youngest here at 15 and have been here for two weeks.
So far, since I'm working at the new place at Main and Gerrard, it hasn't been too busy.
Alex has been my main trainer or whatever and its been pretty fun so far, except waking up early on Saturday but you gotta work hard for your money.
But yeah overall working in the mornings is pretty nice, not too stressful.
Ive gotta say I love my lattes, and I dont usually like my coffee black. But the press today is Bali 'paradise valley' and its pretty refreshing and clean, and I can hear alex saying it has low acidity. I've actually been to Bali just over a year ago, monkeys everwhere, climbing my mom to get her food. I wish a could go back mmmm so warm but now ill just enjoy their coffee right here in mercury.
Come by and say hello, hopefully soon I'll learn how to make some good coffee. Right now im just the lemonade lady and cashier.

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