Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And so it is--
Another wonderful day of fabulousness.
Little Trans upon their bikes while Huge (were talking 9 stories high) Zielinskis blow bubbles into the wind.
Tip Top Taylor on Vacation.
Feisty Feistnerns walking babies.
Killer Tillers with back ailments.
Rankin kissing clouds.
Sorry Mr.Bruneau, you're cramming for exams and your deadlines soon approaching.
Berg and Berg Berg-ing off on Berg corporation time.
Fox has graduated- lets send her congratulations.
Traub-Rees using his time wisely to find a partner with double last name. Example Adrian Traub-Rees meets Maryanne Buart- Seer and they live happily ever after.

That's right folks, we are stocked up, straight up cool.
This Weekend will prove to be an excellent time for a coffee. We're featuring the BALI (again i know, but when it's that good you just can't say no!) and a slew of Brand spanking New Intelli beans and blends. Don't miss out! Plus you know what they say about walking out in the rain...FREE SHOWER!

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