Monday, April 21, 2008

Susanna felt hot and thirsty so she ran up to the Mercury counter and demanded she be served an ice-cold, refreshing sparkling raspberry lemonade. What she wasn't prepared for was the explosion of flavour that was to be released into her psyche. She proceeded to consume the delicious beverage too quickly and had to be resuscitated from her brief coma with a Ethiopia Sidamo shot. (Is there anything coffee can't do?)

Alex didn't sleep much the night before because he was out late again chasing tail. No, not that kind of tail. We're talking about tail-winds. He says they are your best friend when you want to go really fast on your bike so he spent half the night zipping around the streets of Toronto looking for a sweet spot. He should have checked to save himself the trouble but luckily enough Amber Fox was at the helm and pulling fantastic Kid-O shots which saved his miserable life.

These real life testimonies are brought to you by the lifesavers who work the front lines of Mercury. If you aren't with us, then you're against us.

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