Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do you like pretty pictures?
(This Guy Does!)

Well, then have we got some stuff for you to look at! Monsiuer Ryan Gauvin's beautiful pictures of cyclists and baristas now adorn our walls. Don't believe me? Well then why not stop by for a peek at some of the best photos this young man has to offer. While you're at it how's about we make you a fine cup o' Bali a la Paradise Valley in Latte form, only $4,75
And if you like what you see... check this out!
We're back in business with a fully loaded shelf of beans on display-- and wait for it-- also FOR SALE! wow, I know! So pop in and pick up a pack. Drop down for some Diablo. Can't wait for Costa Rica! We've got beans with your name on them.

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