Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Amber,

I woke up to a phone call today requesting my presence at the Mercury because one of our beloved barista's was not feeling quite himself. I raced down here knowing that a delicious cup of of Bali Paradise Valley and it's peanut buttery goodness would be waiting for me here, with you as well. In no time, (well more like an exciting 18mins) I got down here but alas, no blond bombshell was anywhere in sight. A handsome, young, upstart, instead, was here to greet me (as well as the morning horde) as I proceeded to begin my morning, the same way I ended my night last night. Perhaps we'll meet again in an espresso bar out west, when we're both too tired to make it all the way east. Maybe we'll cross paths when the sun's smile is visible, the bird's singing can be heard, and the buds on the trees start peaking out. I'll be waiting on a green, plastic patio chair with a cold one waiting for us on the table, behind the delivery truck, right by the main road where we used to sit and make fun of the folks that saunter by, oblivious to the fact they're being laughed at. I can almost see it.

~missed connection #1269389~

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