Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Check it out boys and girls, fresh off the boat, this months Toronto Life. Mercury is featured in an article regarding coffee culture in TO. That's where you live. Page 113. Hot naked photo of Ben. Well, photo of Ben (not pictured naked-- yet!). Bananas over Duran Duran they say. Love it or Leave it. You make up your own mind Mister. We'll chat about it over your morning latte.

So here it is the updates of all updates
Buttering the wheels
We're talking brain science
we're talking fresh off the boat
Hot of the cool cucumber
Elephants being the true multi-tuskers
We're talking Mercury turns 2!

Saturday March 22nd we will be doing our version of a Big League Birthday. There will be live music starting in the afternoon at around 1pm. Some of your Merc staff will be jamming and ripping it up like Neil and Adrian. Not only are they talented baristas, but they happen to be excellent musicians as well. Some people have all the luck. So you won't want to miss it! We will also be giving out Free birthday cake. Who doesn't dig that?
So look out for more updates, more bands, and more fun.

BRAINSTORM! Wouldn't it be cool if you could give out a Do Not Resuscitate card to people who are incredible jerks? Or you could slip a Medicalert bracelet on their wrist-- "DNR-- Huge Jerk". Am I right, people? Are you with me? I think it would definitely speed along the evolutionary process. Everyone call your MPs, unless you are a huge jerk.

Steve Martin would be excluded from any resultant legislation.

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