Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hi. My name is Neil Rankin. I have a mustache on my face. Wanna go for a ride? No, just kidding. I do that a lot. Kid around i mean... not the other thing.. you know..
wow, this is awkward!

This Friday was Fake Mustache Friday. Just another crazy theme day for your enjoyment. I'm going to go ahead and say that it was awesome. Refreshingly awesome.
So let me ask you a question: If we'd take it this far for theme days, how far will we take it for our anniversary? That question will be answered Thursday March 20th. Who knows what ace I've got up my sleeve OR if I'll be wearing sleeves at all! oh no, I've said too much. Case. Point. Fact. It'll be something to write home about.

Mud Slinging, ink pouring, deep, dark, wild west in the cool way COFFEE!
Our Feature Latte du jour is the India Monsooned Malabar, called so for the way it's prepared. The farmers leave the husked beans to dry during the Monsoon season, which means they dry really slo-o-o-wly, giving it a smoky, fermented, tangy flavour, with fruity undertones. Be bold, be brave, and have a Monsooned Latte today! At 4.75 we're practically givin' them away!

So Mr.Rankin's Band Foxfire (no Forest) was review/promoed this week in NOW magazine. We think it's pretty cool. Check it out. Congrats Neil!

As for Damien, well he's been reading and writing papers. He gets this really cute expression on his face when concentrating. Come in and see for yourself. It's like bunnies having a tea party in heaven.

As for me, I'm getting ready for a night of bowling. I've be stretching, grooving, and you know working on my skills. If you have any tips come on by. Maybe if it's slow we can practice in the store (*note to my employers- we will not be bowling in the store at any point in time tonight. No need to come by and check on me. Hey it's Berg we're talking about. No Trouble there. Really).

Hope you all have a wondrous time in the snow. Go Tobogganing! It might be your last chance! Nothing is more fun than launching yourself - full force- down a snow covered hill. Don't take me word for it. I'll have a coffee waiting for you.

over and out.

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