Friday, March 14, 2008

Can you believe that I have to write a blog? But you know me, I write a crazy, razzle dazzle pazzle blog that goes nowhere with utter disregard for punctuation so that when people read it they say "woah! What's he doing writing a blog?" Anyways, it's another friday, which usually means PARTY!!!!!!!!! But as it is I have to work tomorrow at 6 A.M. for one sick Ben Bruneau (You're losing it Ben, and it shows. I've been watching you deteriorate for weeks.) Alas, in the end, the plague touched us all. Tomorrow will find Mercury, not at a loss, but with a debilitated stock of organic whole milk. The cows can't meet our growing demand for organic milk and have picketed the pasture. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT...fact. Get here early if you're that concerned for the early bird gets the worm while the sleepyhead gets burned. It was not contained to Rome or Carthage, but was spotted in America, breeding in a compost of greed and uselessness and murder. (Shots rang out - doorang doorang ya baby ya) America go away now! Don't bother me, I'm tired of this weather and sick of how it used to be. Whatever was made of big Joey D, Betty Grable and Bugsy Ramirez? Gone again I suppose, and not to come back. That's a fact. Poor America. Tossed on a pilgrim tide. What will come to be when this world is done?

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