Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think it is perfectly reasonable, and in fact natural, to want to hang out with a monkey. Our close cousins have much to teach us. So I will pose the age old question, one which has plagued humankind for centuries. Great minds: philosophers, mathematicians, astrologers, anthropologists, have all weighed in on the matter and now it's your turn.
Would you rather spend one hour with three hired priests OR spend three hours with a hired monkey?
An inside tip puts a hired monkey at a rate of $1500.00 an hour. "Sure is a lot of money" you say, but in retrospect the New Yorker with a dirty little secret paid $2500.00 more per hour for his lady than he would have for a monkey. "How does this relate to coffee?" you ask -- boy you sure are an inquisitive little fellow aren't you!-- Nothing! it has nothing to do with coffee. But one of the benifits of going to a coffee house is to get out of the house and socialize. So here it is. We're making it very easy for you. Come down. Join the rest of us, forget the hustle and bustle, and sit down and practice the art of conversation.
As you sit you have a plethora of options when it comes to a tasty beverage.
ON PRESS- we've got the Cruz del Sur (Peru) and the Flecha Roja (Costa Rica).
FEATURE LATTE- The wondrous Bali is back. Bali Paradise Valley * a noise which suggests salivation. (Or salvation, depending on how strongly you feel about beans).
BARISTA- Neil, Damien, and Alice (soon joined by Alex). What's not to like?

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