Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, it's Saturday now. Time passes and then one day you're old- go figure.

Anyway, you should probably come to Mercury right now and try our new featured bean, the Bali Paradise Valley. This one's a banger, a real favourite of the staff and the regulars, so you might say it's back by popular demand. Peanut-buttery and oh-so delicious, the Bali Paradise Valley quite literally (figuratively) puts you in a valley of paradise.... uh.. in Bali.

Indonesia regained its independence from the Netherlands in 1949, and having been also colonized by the Japanese, you might say their provincial history is as 'rich' as their coffee beans. Groovy.

Also, and possibly way huger, is the news of our upcoming anniversary. On March 20th, Mercury Espresso Bar will officially be two years old. But on Saturday March 22th, the celebration will take place. I don't really need to tell you about it, because you're GOING to be there, but here's a hint: popcorn.


Amber said...

i am so ecstatic.
did i mention, i LOVE love this coffee...
and anyone who comes in on monday morning will get a little of my love in their Bali coffee.

BeeRich said...

LOL it said "1 comments"