Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You're so suave.

Oh, don't be so modest, you know you are.

Alice and I were just talking about you. You really ought to come in more, and tell us about what you're doing these days. You're always up to such cool stuff.

I wish you came to our party on Saturday. It's always so much fun when you come-- we laugh and laugh and laugh... I remember that party you threw back in '86-- when you hired that magician to dress up like Brett 'The Hit Man' Hart? I cherish that memory, and to this day, I have retained a napkin to better recall the experience:

I guess what they say is true-- you'll always have the memories. And in my case I also have the tattoo. People say I'm crazy, but I say "it's worth it!"

Well I'm just taking it easy these days. Real Slow. Nice and Lazy. Don't care much for show boatin' around town. Can you believe we got Mercury T-Shirts?! Brown or Army Green. It says 'I care about coffee but i also care about fashion' in a 'i haven't lost my cool' sorta way. Yeah, and at $20.00 a pop that's pretty much all I'm wearing these days. Other shirts- who needs 'em, you know. I like to just sit around in my Merc shirt and drink the Feature Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Gets ya going in a chocolaty rich comforting sort of way. Precious like a kitten.

So why not come by? The first one's on me (But then we're gonna gouge ya).

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