Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cold Cake & Hot Coffee.
"G'afternoon! Welcome back! Here we are, the day after our fabulous second birthday, standing tall with cold cake in one hand and hot coffee in the other. "

So says Neil Rankin. But he's gone now and you're left with me.

My account of yesterday:

Adrian and Cameron played a 50 ton set that led to a couple minor misdemeanor offenses. "I didn't mean to get naked, I just got caught up in the moment. After my shirt came off it was all kind of a blur and I had no idea he was a police officer." said Alice Berg after she was released on bail.

Graham Powell also nailed down a colossal set that melted the hearts and souls of all kittens and
cute furry creatures within a hundred-mile radius. You're so sweet Graham it makes me so angry that I want to kiss a bunny.

No latte-art throw-downs were officially recorded but we suspect there were more than a few golden moments for our in-house superstar. You know who I'm talking about.

Neil Rankin wore loose fitting jeans.

Ben Bruneau wore loose fitting jeans.

Cameron Johnson left and came back a record 18 times. What's more shocking was that he managed to down just that many ristrettos as well. Don't worry, we took away his keys after the alleged number 10.

Ryan Gauvin was our unofficially pronounced official photographer of the day. Apparently people kept telling him how big his lens was. He took home three lucky ladies' numbers that day. It's all about confidence I tell ya.

Josh Greenhut was one of the winners of the raffle. It's really just a coincidence he spends the most time here. Really.

Damien won the election for Presidinski. All other candidates mysteriously vanished before the final count.

Rumors are floating around that an Amber Fox was lurking behind the bar yesterday morning. No confirmations will be made by this reporter yet.

The day ended with a rather emotional group hug that resulted in the second misdemeanor charge being laid that day. Specialists are being brought in for staff and friends of staff that have been affected by these atrocities.

There really has to be another occasion where the staff gets together otherwise blogs would be rather boring don't you think?

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