Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quetzal [Ket-sahl] Breakfast Blend- The Quetzal are actually a rare type of bird. IN fact, it's the national bird of Guatemala-- When that comes up in an episode of Jeopardy you'll thank me.
This direct trade blend from Intelligentsia starts off with a creamy milk chocolate flavour, a little spice, and ends with a sparkling, crisp, and clean finish. It's a refreshing way to start your morning-- and NO, it doesn't taste like chicken!
Shower not included*.

El Cuervo Guatemala- This single origin direct trade bean will have you Cuervo-ing in your boots*. It's sweetness touches on sugar cane, red fruit, and milk chocolate. It's a bold cup with a clean finish. You'll be sure to find it invigorating-- or at the very least it'll fill you with life and energy! Maybe that was redundant or maybe just an unnecessary repetition when expressing ideas-- but i can assure you of one thing... This coffee is serious and sexy.

El Gallo Breakfast Blend- You can't spell direct trade without erect. Well you can't.
'The Gal' (as we like to call it) is sweet and fruity, smooth and rich, and bright and lively. With a hit of caramel this clean cup is a beautiful way to wake up. By the time you're done you'll be screaming "Zielinski for Presidentski!"

Los Delirios Nicaragua- Now I ask you this: Have you ever woken up in the truck of a car, bound and gagged and thought "Not again!"?
Totally unrelated to this coffee...
The Nicaragua is sweet and creamy like wild honey and caramel. It's smooth and buttery with a cranberry/baker's chocolate/allspice finish. If you haven't tried this little gem you should... or someone might end up in a trunk. Or not. You never know what will happen next in the crazy world! I may be delirious* and indecent, but I assure you the coffee is not.

So take one of these splendid blends/single origins in a half pound bag, or you can hang back, hang out and have a press. ON PRESS We have two single origins waiting to be brewed at the moment--
Kangocho- Kenya and Tres Santos- Colombia. At 5.oo +tax How can you afford not to?

You know I love you baby. I love you like a tyrannosaurus loves long necks.

*Jokes inspired by Neil Rankin.

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