Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to take a break and walk over to the MERC

10) Greenhut is working away in the corner, and you know what they say about that... A Wednesday's not a Wednesday unless it's a Greenhut Wednesday. Wednesday.
9) Matthew and I would walk to see you- that is if we weren't manning the shop AND we knew where you worked AND you could hook us up with free paper clips. How do you think Trump got to where he is today? A few free paper clips go along way.
8) We've got Yemen Mocha Matari. You want Yemen Mocha Matari. And as they say in Latin "Res melius evinissent cum Coca" (Things go better with Coke.)
7) So you won't look so much like this guy

6) James says "Get out of the house!" It may be lame, but that's how he feels.
5) David Berg.
4) Neil might do something dumb. Then you can point, and laugh, and feel better about yourself because you AREN'T Neil Rankin. Actually I love Neil, and if you're havin' a day- he is the guy to see. There couldn't be a better way to improve your mood than a little QT with The Ranks.
3) You can help Alice start The Drywall Olympics. It started as a dream and soon grew to be the largest alternative Olympics in the world! You don't want a piece?

2) We just got our shipment in from Intelligentsia. We have Beans! We've got Kid o! We've got everything you always knew you always wanted and more!
1) Best coffee in the City. Shall I go on?

This is why you should come in now.

Mercury T-Shirts go on sale, Free Cake, Live Music, The whole staff coming together for one spectacular day of funness- This is why you need to make it down for Saturday.
Or miss out and have people call you Lame.
They'll say "hey, he used to be cool" or "She just lots her edge and fell into the pit of uncool."The choice is yours.

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