Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Does the Pope always wear red shoes?

Is his underwear hand stitched by nuns?

boxers or briefs?

These are questions i want answers to! I'd go look it up myself...but i feel your answers would be much more creative and perhaps factual. I invite you to share all the Pope facts you've got.

Guess what's back on the block!?! not the new kids.. but almost as good...
Our Fresh Pressed Lemonade. That's right we're back to selling you Lemons! Wait, that sounds wrong. AH well, come on in and try a refreshing Lemonade (and if adventurous enough the brand new TRAN MAN SPARKING RASPBERRY LEMONADE).

I feel as an ending i should leave you with the muffin names Damien came up with this morning and this excellent photo i found. Good luck out there... it's a crazy world!

BANANA your dreams away / RASPBERRY adventure kingdom


Anonymous said...

A blog was never made today. However, I feel it's necessary to tell everyone that after a long period of being knocked up I laboriously birthed some beautiful napkin babies!

Anonymous said...

INTERESTING POPE FACT: The pope has a pilot's license and likes to fly by helicopter from the vatican to his summer residence. Oddly enough, he doesn't have a driver's license.