Saturday, April 12, 2008

And You thought we were just being funny. Well let me tell you, little Jimmy didn't think so. After we sold him for a pretty penny life has never been the same. Sure, he's the youngest tightrope walker this country has ever seen. Sure, he can dance a jig with a family of elephants. Sure, his new adopted parents love him very much-- but due to the fact that they are clowns, he has a hard time deciphering if they are in fact happy or sad. He tends to sit at the window of the circus tent watching the rain fall lightly on the ground and wonder... why? why was i left alone at mercury? Why was i sold to the circus?

Okay. I have no idea where Alice was going with that

I think it's an opportune time to announce that Mercury is formally acknowledging its outer space roots and collabo-ing with the United Federation of Planets on a series of Star Trek-inspired special menu of drinks:

The Wesley Crusher- single decaf soy latte with two pumps of vanilla, one of chocolate, one of hazelnut, one of caramel, with cinnamon and chocolate on top.

The Tasha Yar- three double ristrettos in one cup.

Qagh- Worf's favourite. Spoiled cream, four shots espresso, and the grinds. Possibly alive? After you drink it, we line up and kick you.

The Picard- Tea, Earl Grey. Hot.

The Deanna Troi- Whatever the person after you was going to order.

Or you could branch out from your usual fave and try out one of Intelligentsia's latest single origins on press, our feature latte, or just a little something you haven't tried yet!

We want feedback, so make sure you select an away team and "bean" down to the Merc today. Our prime directive? Deliciousness.

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