Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FINALLY i can continue my illicit love affair with way too many single short espressos and get all tweaky and slightly too happy so i can serve all of you titillatingly terrific and tantalizing tasty beverages with a jumpy misdemeanor. by the by my name is Douglas Hayter and i am the newest member of the Mercury crew. to give ya all ya need to know about me i LOVE poutine (i would sustain myself on it if it wouldn't kill me. PS. go watch "danse la poutine" by TTC and omnikron on youtube its wut my dreams are made of) and i LOVE forties (of the olde english variety, i would sustain myself on them if it wouldn't kill me). so come drop by and say hello most dashing and charming fella you'll likely meet in a day or two and we can discuss the finer points of the classic curd vs. grated poutine argument or the equally epic OE vs. Colt battle that has waged through the ages.

eat your peas n carrots, peace


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