Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alice Says: Mercury is really like a '69 two door Dodge Dart...
moving on.

Damien and I are having a marvelous time cleaning and pulling delicious beverages. It's a fantastic day out there sports fans. It might be a touch on the cool side, but the sun is beautiful and the air is fresh. Sounds like walking weather to me. Maybe you all should stand up from your computers/ Blackberrys / iPhones , and take a hop down here for a nice warm drink.

Damien Says:
Here I am! I'm going to shamelessly exploit this opportunity to shamelessly plug the launch party for EXPLODING FACE, the shameless publication put together (in part) by the two most shameless Mercury employees. The party will also feature a live set by the unstoppable force known as Barons and Lengthy... which features another of Mercury's finest. The whole shebang is on September 22nd, which is also my 25th birthday and a Saturday. If you're the kind of person who reads Mercury's blog, then you're the kind of person who's warmly invited! There will also be other radical events that night, like a bicycle painting party, readings by the mag's contributors, and righteous DJ sets. You should come to the Smiling Buddha (just West of Dovercourt on the South side of College) on the 22nd, basically. Do it.

Alice Says: If I were in TO I would be there with bells on. So due to the fact that I cannot attend, I encourage you to go! Have a great night, hang with Damien on his BIRTHDAY, check out a killer band, AND check out Exploding Face.

P.S - There is still some Kid-o left. Get it while you still can!

Over and Out
-D bird and A cat.

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