Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I believe that this button was created for Ben and I. We are 100% bling.

We've started a new rap group called Lumbajack 2. We've been heard exclaiming 'TIMBALAND' behind the bar.

Think about it.

It's been a GREAT yet busy morning. I think many of you must have read the blog and misunderstood my joke about free beer and pizza. Ha ha... right.

Tomorrow is a Thursday. Will it be a theme Thursday? I hope so. We may even take it to the extreme and make Friday one too. I miss those days.

The Feature Latte is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
(A Wall drops some Beats) I think it's great, I think it's real swell
it's a cheap thrill that won't send you to hell
We have mad coffee skill so it all tastes better
We're so hot you better take of your sweater
and respect
(Tony here...)Our espresso is never blonde and always brown
Harmony milk that respects the cow and crema that takes the crown
we got mad skills and talent that thrills/we're organic, our milk won't grow off pills.
We pour our lattes freestyle, we ain't about to spoon-feed y'all some swill.
one life we need to do it right...respect
Our skills we check, to protect our rep, so calm and collected as we go tete a tete,
With the latte set, try a cap and we'll bet, by this time next year round you'll drink espresso yet.
It's a finer grind, open up your mind, you'll never find a surer shot, we leave all others behind,
so kindly form a line, we'll serve you all in time
to get to work with a cup of perk from your favourite Merc, sublime.
Word is bond.

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