Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's a lovely Saturday afternoon and Matthew is back behind the bar. Time to crack the whip he says. I agree. Ten points for anyone that can spot what's missing since his return.

Also returning after a long absence is the Papua New Guinea Mawari roasted by Dark City. Matthew would describe this bean as fan-frickin'-tastic. Actually besides that he says it has a nice caramel sweetness, with a nutty aroma and a spotless finish. Kinda like my closes. HA!

Also if you're in the mood for a musical treat, the lovely and talented Jacqueline Rendell will be playing here on Sunday at around 5pm. She just finished printing her new EP and will also be playing at the Drake on Monday night if you can't get enough. Check out her stuff:

Blast off!


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ok, what is the PK dosing method?