Monday, September 03, 2007

WOW!!!! I found this pic, and I thought it was so cool!! Hawks are so rad! Maybe the best bird out there... but moving on....

No one wants to see Neil dance and that is why he is now taking the reins of this entry. Howdy! Today was truly a Labourious Day, what with all those coffees Alice and I made in the span of three hours. I'd say we made so many that you could fill a swimming pool with them, or maybe a hot tub....I think that's more appropriate for the contents of said pool/tub, although not so appropriate for today's climate. Whew!

Now with the elegance and grace of this here hawk Alice is swooping in to steer us back in the direction of cohesion.

Thank you Neil. IT has been quite a day here at the Merc (as holidays often are). I must give a shout out to Ben and Adrian who gave their all this morning and who still looked amazing by the end of the shift. I should also give Doug a shout out for being so great and good looking.
I'm going to be holding down the fort tonight, so if you feel like winding down your long weekend with a coffee... you know where to find me.

For those of you keeping score out there I have now been orbiting around on this planet for about a week, so I think it's nigh time we erase that "Please Welcome Mr Neil Rankin" sign from the fridge, although Doug has just told me we should keep it. I feel very welcome indeed.

Well loyal travelers, I am off to the races, the bicycle races. See you all when the sun comes up.

Sincerely, Al ICEBERG & Neil Stankin' Rankin.

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