Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ok so no beer or pizza BUT there is Alice and COFFEE at mercury... so it's not so bad.
We received all of our beans today so the bean shelf is stocked. For all of those who were denied The Mad Hatter Blend or Extra Butter come on it and pick some up (before it's gone again).

special Tuesdays means you can come by and get a special hug from everyone you know along with your coffee, then guy smiley pops up from behind the counter and asks you questions about your grade 5 English teacher... and if you get it wrong, your coffee gets confiscated and given to a homeless child. you might feel sad, but seriously dude, don't be so selfish eh? homeless need coffee too you know.
*That Last part was from Yoni...

Anyway, I hope you all has a beautiful long weekend and I look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow morning. Beer and Pizza anyone?
Oh! and James has not yet had the baby. I'll keep you posted.

A Wall
(off the wall and on the job)

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