Thursday, September 20, 2007

G'day fellow coffee consumers and customers,

Alice is on vacation catching up on her sanity. But no worries, Matt, Neil and myself (Adrian) are in manning the ship, pulling the levers and grinding the gears. Good news for all you espresso fans out there: not only are we pulling Kid-O organic espresso from Intelligensia but as of today we are serving 49th Parallel's Elysian espresso which has been maturing in our cellar for the past week. Get it while you can, because after tomorrow's morning rush it's over. Okay, now let us dispense with the java jive.... jingo jango. Ok, I don't really know where Adrian was going with that but now that's he gone I'm left here to pick up the pieces. That's how we roll here at Mercury. We got each other's back. We're like firemen rushing into a burning house in pairs to we make sure everyone makes it home safely and soundly. We've got the best team (in my opinion) of baristas in Toronto. And with great teamwork you get amazing espresso. Trust me, I'm a barista.

Time for some shameless plugs. This Saturday the Barons and Lengthy will be playing at the Exploding Face zine launch. Come out to the Smiling Buddha at 961 College St. just west of Dovercourt on the south side. Like I said, the Barons will be playing, DJ's will be spinning, we'll be painting bikes and most importantly: COME CHECK OUT THE ZINE. It's pay what you can so you can still afford an espresso the next day when you're nice and hung over. I'd love to see you there. Especially you, the cute one.



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